Michael Foyle & Maksim Štšura

We feature the exceptional artists Michael Foyle and Maksim Štšura, both musicians closely associated with Deal Music & Arts.

Maksim was Musician-in-Residence in 2015, when Michael first performed with him in a concert that brought music from around the world.

Both perform regularly at our festival and are now Co-Directors of New Sounds, Deal Music & Arts’ education and mentoring programme for gifted young musicians who want to work in more contemporary repertoire.

Michael and Maksim perform together regularly as the Foyle-Štšura Duo.

Michael & Maksim

join Artistic Director, Paul Max Edlin, talking about their current work as well as recordings they made last year.

YouTube playlist

Deal Music & Arts has prepared a YouTube Playlist so you can enjoy the music Michael and Maksim talk about.

You can find out more about the Foyle-Štšura Duo via their website: www.foylestsuraduo.com

We hope you find the above content both enjoyable and interesting.

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