Queen Mary Conversations

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Alongside his work as Artistic Director of Deal Music & Arts, Paul Edlin is Director of Music at Queen Mary University of London.

Next week (9th to 16th April) the Arts & Culture department at Queen Mary are hosting a series of Conversations in which leading academics discuss important cultural issues with important international artists and practitioners.

You can find out about the whole programme of free online events by clicking here.

There are three specific music features:

Tuesday 13th April 1:00pm-2:30pm

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me: A Conversation on the Multimodal Experience of Sound

This conversation examines how people associate colour, shape and touch to sound, how human sensory experience varies across individuals, and how associations between the senses support uniquely human forms of communication like language and music.

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Tuesday 13th April 6:30pm-7:50pm

On Deafness and ‘Hearing’ Music: A Conversation 

Although it is often presumed that you need good hearing to appreciate music, the act of hearing extends across multiple senses. Tonight we explore how we literally ‘hear’ music. What faculties might compensate if our hearing is impaired? Does hearing loss change the way we ‘feel’ music?  Paul Edlin chairs the conversation with internationally celebrated percussionist Dame Evelyn GlennieProfessor John Irving, Atalanta Hersey (who has been a member of DMA’s New Sounds Ensemble) and the President of the British Otology Society and one of the world’s leading ENT hearing specialists, Mr Chris Aldren, among others. 

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Friday 16th April 7:30pm-8:45pm

On Promoting Wellbeing Through Music: A Conversation

This conversation delves into the incredible power of music to support the flourishing of young people in social and educational settings. Professor Paul Heritage of Queen Mary’s People’s Palace Projects chairs the discussion with panellists from leading music education and social outreach organisations.  María Claudia Parias Durán is Director of the Fundación Nacional Batuta in Colombia. Hattie Rayfield and Emily Husband of the London Chamber Orchestra introduce the LCO’s Music Junction programmeDr Maria Turri co-directs the university’s MSc Creative Arts and Mental Health. Kerstin-Gertrud Kärblane is a mental health practitioner. Paul Edlin was Composer-in-Residence for London Chamber Orchestra’s Music Junction programme in 2017.  

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